Be nurtured
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Postnatal doula

It's natural to need support when we become parents or grow our family; we humans are not designed to do it alone.

As a postnatal doula I offer practical and emotional support in the first days, weeks and months with your new baby. I'm here to support you unconditionally, without judgement, and empower you to find your own ways of parenting that are right for you and your family. I will nurture and take care of you all, especially Mum, so you can focus on recovering from birth and bonding with your baby. Some ways in which I can help:

  • Emotional support and a non-judgmental listening ear

  • Sharing my knowledge without giving advice, and signposting to evidence-based information 

  • Preparing delicious meals and snacks to ensure you are well nourished

  • Looking after baby so you can shower, nap etc.

  • Supporting you to establish breastfeeding

  • Accompanying you to appointments

  • Looking after and playing with siblings

  • Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, and keeping on top of the laundry

  • Popping to the shop for food

  • Looking after pets, including walking dogs and some horse care

I can also help to smooth the way if you are facing difficult circumstances in the early days, for example having premature babies, multiples, experiencing postnatal depression etc.

Pregnancy doula

If you are finding pregnancy difficult I can be there to support you during this time too. One example may be if you are experiencing pregnancy sickness and finding it hard to look after yourself and your family - I can help.


Postnatal doulas aren't just for birth families. If you are adopting a baby you may still like to consider having the support of a postnatal doula.

I offer ad hoc sessions as well as a 10 or 20 hour package, with prices beginning at £20 per hour. Please do get in touch if you'd like more information or to book.